China Glaze Street Regal Fall 2017 – Swatches and Review

Hello everyone! Its that time! The fall collections are coming out and Im so excited to start rocking all the gorgeous vampy colors again! Its the only way I can celebrate the seasons since living in Miami = eternal summer.

So lets get straight to the swatches!

First up we have Throne-in’ Shade: A beautiful neutral that actually works with my skin tone! And the formula was very good. 2 coats that dry very shiny!


Next up we have Street Style Princess (below): This dove grey was also easy to apply in 2 coats.



Truth is Gold (below)  is a frosty/metallic gold and honestly, not my style. It was brush stroke-y, but not as bad as it could’ve been, and I only needed to 2 coats here. Why dont I like it? Im just not that into plain gold or silver metallics. It will probably come in useful for nail art or stamping…



Accent Piece (below) is described by CG as a velvety pumpkin shimmer. When I first saw  it I thought to myself “oh noooo,” but then the color really grew on me as I started to apply it! Application was pleasant at 2 coats, and that gold on gold shimmer is probably what won me over. Its unique to my collection, but then again I dont normally buy colors like these.China_glaze_accent_piece

Macro shot of Accent Piece (below):China_glaze_accent_piece(1)


I love it when CG includes a surprise matte in the collection, and this one did not disappoint! Just a Little Embellishment (below) is a matte teal with a really good formula! Mattes can be very tricky and difficult to apply, but this one was easy-peasy. I almost got it in 1 coat, but some nails needed 2. Its very pigmented so be careful! double up on that base coat and whatever you do, dont flood those cuticles!China_glaze_just_a_little_embellishment


Born to Rule (below) is a typical cobalt blue, but I still love it! The formula was like buttah at 2 coats. I can already picture it under the many (too many actually) unicorn pee toppers I own.China_glaze_born_to_rule


Dawn of a New Reign (below) is a OCW!!!! That means one coat wonder, but I know you knew that. And its purple, sighhhhhhh. PerfectionChina_glaze_dawn_of_a_new_reign


Rock n’ Royale (below) is a lush warm red creme and I like it. It screams fall to me. All I needed was 2 coats.China_glaze_rock_n_royale


Baroque Jungle (below) is a beautiful jewel-toned green. Just look at that subtle green shimmer! I loves it! Great formula at 2 coatsChina_glaze_baroque_jungle(1)

Macro shot of Baroque Jungle (below):China_glaze_baroque_jungle


Royal Pain in the Ascot (below) is another OCW!!!! Its official description is a “dark fuschia shimmer” buuuuut it looks red to me… A dark red with the same shimmers that make Baroque Jungle and Accent Piece so beautiful. The faulty description is totally forgivable because the color is amazing and  formula is so stinkin’ good!China_glaze_royal_pain_in_the_ascot(1)

Macro shot of Royal Pain in the Ascot (below)China_glaze_royal_pain_in_the_ascot


Glamcore (below) is a “maroon purple shimmer” that is so dark purple it looks almost black. Very OPI Lincoln Park After Dark-ish (LPAD), but I still love it because I was able to get away with ONE COAT. Yep, thats why Im keepin this one too… that and because I cant find my LDAP to do a comparison 🤷🤦China_glaze_glamcore


Lastly we have Haute & Heavy (below). Its a “charcoal grey” (aka black) shimmer… But its another OCW! But its a black shimmer… Im torn, I have way too many black shimmers. But its a one coater… OK I’ll stop and let you decide if you need it or not.China_glaze_haute_and_heavy

Macro shot of Haute & Heavy (below)China_glaze_haute___heavy


So?! What do you guys think? Are you ready for fall? Do you like the collection? The colors arent ground-breaking by any means, but China Glaze really knocked it out of the park formula-wise. Four – yes- FOUR OCWs in one collection?! Well they were OCWs for me and Im known to load up the brush and lay it on thick. So other people might need 2 coats.

The China Glaze Street Legal collection is available pretty much everywhere on the interwebs. I bought mine from my LNS: Lucky Nail Supply, you can check them out on IG @luckynailsupply.

While you’re at it, please stop by my IG and say hello! @digital.hippie.nails


One thought on “China Glaze Street Regal Fall 2017 – Swatches and Review

  1. Hi Natalie! Great post, thanks for the tips and awesome pics! I’m so ready for fall colors. Loving Dawn of a New Reign! Can’t wait to see your next post. Keep them coming!


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